Installing a robotic lawn mower, how does it work?

You are searching for a solution for efficient mowing of your lawn?

The Husqvarna Automower® series is the solution for a perfect lawn without the obligation to get the lawn mower out of the garden house every week!

The different models 105, 310, 315, 420, 430X, 440 and 450X are suitable for gardens from 6 to 50 are. Depending on the complexity of the garden, it is sometimes advisable to use a heavier model.

We deliver and install the Automower, we dig the wires at around 5 to 6cm depth without leaving traces. Then you can enjoy a permanently maintained lawn.

You want to buy a Husqvarna robotic lawn mower?

What information do we need to advise you?

All information that allows us to get a good insight into your garden is welcome. A schedule of the garden, obstacles, paths and plantations in and at the edge of the lawn, presence of power for the charging station, width of narrow passages. Ideally, you provide us with photos of the garden with the above information.

How do we provide advice?

You will send us an email or you will be added to the store with the relevant information that will allow us to get a correct picture of your garden. It's always better to make an appointment first, a booking will take a little less than a minute.

If necessary, we will visit the garden on site to confirm the proposal. This will usually be the case for lawns larger than 20 acres or complex smaller gardens.

What is the cost of installing an automatic lawn mower?

You will receive a customized proposal for the delivery and placement of the robot mower. Upon acceptance of the proposal, we agree on a placement date.

How do you use the grassrobot?

The placement will give you the necessary explanation about the use and maintenance of your Husqvarna Automower®.

  • You can adjust the operation of the robot mower according to your wishes.
  • You know how to deal with any error messages from the entire installation.
  • You know how to take care of your automatic lawn mower: a well-maintained Automower® mows better and lasts longer!

Once the robot is installed...

... is this useful to know:


We will be at your disposal with the necessary assistance to keep your automatic lawn mower and dredged wire system working optimally.

Maintenance & repair

We maintain and repair the Husqvarna Automower® with original spare parts. We are always striving for a recovery within the week.

It is highly recommended to bring in the grass robot during the winter period (November - January) for a survey / update.

Digging of the wire installation

The wire is dug in such a way that it is protected against potential damage to the surface. You will, however, have to take into account the wire while ploughing, vertifying up to 1cm is not a problem.

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